Feeling Confident: Taylor’s Story

Sometimes it is HARD to be a #girlboss. It is hard to continually try to prove yourself in a world that just doesn’t want to see the value you bring to the table. Our creative director, Taylor, is here to share her story of frustration, enlightenment and how she overcame her disadvantages and truly became a #girlboss.

Feeling Confident: Taylor’s Story

Tell us a little bit about yourself, to start off.

Okay! First off all, my name is Taylor Mobley. I am 22 years old, married to the love of my life (for almost a year) and a proud fur mom to my sweet siamese mix. I graduated with a college degree in Biochemistry, but started my own blog (blondeandambitiousblog.com) before graduating and found that I had a real passion for content creation and creative marketing. Now I am the creative director for Pulse Fashion and couldn’t be happier!


You seem super confident in your talent and abilities! Was it always this way?

Haha…no way. You should have met 13-year-old Taylor. Ooooff. That was rough.

Tell us about that time in your life.

I think, honestly, this is something that every girl has to go through at some point in her life. It may not be in middle school (although, it probably was), but at some point every woman is going to feel insecure about something. The worst part about that for me is that my insecurities were brought upon by other women. Gah! Women should be building each other up!

When I was in the later part of elementary school and middle school, I was pretty introverted. I played by myself and didn’t really have a lot of friends. That made me the center of a LOT of bullying. I kind of found myself in high school when I joined the school show choir and began to participate in musicals. I made real friends that I still have today and it was a really good time in life for me. I discovered that I was really good at makeup and it became a passion.


In college, I chose a major that only a few women were a part of. Often times, I was either the only girl in my classes or one of only a few. I was asked more times than I can count if I was “lost” or needed help finding the elementary education building. I had teachers tell me I should change my major because I was “too pretty” to be a scientist, or that I was a distraction in lab. I experienced a whole different realm of bullying: sexism.

Oh, wow. That’s tough. How did you overcome that?

I went through a really hard time my sophomore year of college. I second guessed myself and didn’t really have a place where I was at. I made the choice to move to a different apartment complex and start over with a new set of people and started my 4th semester off fresh. I met some really awesome people and consider myself really blessed to be friends with many of them still.

I had to make a choice. I could change my major to suit the people who didn’t believe in me or do what I loved doing. I chose to continue on with the path I had chosen and pursue my degree in Biochemistry. I met my husband soon after that and he has been my biggest cheerleader (besides my mom, dad and sister). I ignored the snide remarks from male students. I did my best to not feel hurt when people didn’t want me in their group projects simply because of the way I looked.


I continued to pursue my passion for makeup and dressed up every day for class, regardless of how it made others perceive me. I started my blog. I became reputable in my field of influencer marketing and discovered another passion. I graduated with a great GPA and proved all of the people who thought I was just another ditzy blonde wrong.

Now, I have a full time job as the Creative Director for Pulse Fashion and I discovered that even though I am not working in Biochemistry, it did a lot to prepare me for the real world. I’m well-rounded, loved by my friends and family and can do a bomb cat eye. I can also name every element on the periodic table. Haha!!!

You seem really happy. What advice do you have for girls who may be in the same position you were a few years ago?

Hang in there, girls. And for the love of everything good and sacred: BE NICE TO OTHER GIRLS. We should be each other’s biggest advocate. Be PROUD to be a millennial woman. I know I am. I am confident in myself and my abilities because I put on my big girl panties, went out and kick butt doing what I love. I refused to let any peer, professor or grown-up tell me I wasn’t good enough. I chose an unconventional path to success but I know I am good at what I do. I love working at Pulse Fashion, I love blogging for Blonde & Ambitious Blog and I LOVE that I have a college degree in Biochemistry. I did all of that by myself, for myself.You can do it, too. #girlbossing isn’t easy, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it.


Thanks SO much for that, Taylor! We love that you advocate for ALL girls everywhere. Building a community of women that support and love each other is exactly what The Beat is all about.

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