Staying Fit While Traveling

It can be hard to stay fit if you travel a lot (or even just to stay in your groove on vacation)! Use these 10 tips to stay fit while traveling so you never have to give up your healthy lifestyle.

It’s hard to travel and keep a workout regime. If you don’t workout while traveling, there is always the paralyzing fear of your first workout back. It’s like taking five steps backward in your health!


SO. In honor of keeping our summer bodies all year round, without sacrificing the wanderer in all of us, here are 10 ways to stay fit while traveling!

  1. Pinterest your heart out with “on the go” exercises. It is super important that you choose one that you can do without equipment. Make a little work out you can easily do in a hotel.
  2. Diet is going to be your hardest battle. Everyone knows that losing weight and staying in shape is 80% of the fight. Download the my fitness pal app and log your calories. Try not to exceed your recommended amount (talk to your doctor or nutritionist about that to get an accurate number).
  3. Eat a yogurt every day. Not kidding. Want to eliminate bloat and possible diarrhea? YOGURT. Thank me later.
  4. If you don’t want to do the hotel room exercise, make sure you take the stairs. Every time. Not once. Not even twice. Every time you have a chance to climb a flight of stairs, do it.
  5. Eat a granola bar between meals so you don’t over indulge on your big meals. If you keep your hunger controlled, you won’t want to eat a crazy amount during dinner.
  6. Plan athletic excursions! Go out and do a bike tour around a new city, go rock wall climbing, take a hike up a mountain. Anything to get your heart pumping and your body moving!
  7. Be competitive with your friends. Whoever burns the least amount of calories during the day has to buy dinner or something fun like that!
  8. Bring your sneakers! If you only bring flip flops, the likely hood of you doing anything remotely more vigorous than walking to the beach isn’t likely. Be prepared.
  9. Do a short 30 minute run in the mornings so that you don’t have to spend your day worrying! Get it out of the way and then spend the rest of your day relaxing.
  10. DRINK WATER! Read this post for how to make sure you stay super hydrated all the time.

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