Creating An Awesome Desk Space

Part of being an awesome girl boss is having an awesome space to do it in.
Creating an awesome desk space is the key to being productive and doing your best work. Here are 7 ways to recreate your desk space in the best possible way:

Organization Pieces: Get it off your desk space

You need to make sure your desk is clean and empty most of the time. Get some cute organizational pieces like drawers and file folders that allow you to store papers and pens without cluttering your desk.

Make Use of Wall Space.

Can you tack up your calendar on the wall behind you? Use a white board with magnets? Try to think of all the spaces you can use on your wall to get it off your desk. For instance, I use a cork board behind me to make sure I am always aware of what is going on during my day.

Limited Color Scheme.

Avoid a haphazard looking desk by limiting the number of colors that you have in your space. Pick two-four light muted colors (or one POP) to keep your space looking clean, open and free. Choose colors like white, light pink, light blue or light purple. Those are all colors that boost productivity.

Good lighting.

Most likely, if you are working at a desk, you are going to be looking at a computer for the majority of your day. Because of the strain on your eyes ,you need to make sure you have good lighting so you don’t cause unnecessary stress to your little eyeballs.

Take Care of Your Cables.

One of the deaths of a workplace is annoying cables hanging every direction. It looks messy, cluttered and unprofessional. Hide them in a little box underneath your desk or tie them neatly with a little string to keep them from going crazy. Once those are taken care of, you immediately see a refreshing result.

Remember The Work Flow.

Here’s how this works. Workflow works much like reading: it moves from left to right. That means if you are someone who have things coming onto your desk needing to be taken care of, there needs to be an “in” box on the left side and a “done” box on the right. That way you are never confused as to which item has been completed, and your desk will always remain somewhat clear.

Choose A Desk That Works Size-Wise.

Is your desk too big? Too small? Decide if your desk is functional for the space it is in and then determine how to fix it. Choosing the right size desk can eliminate extra clutter or cramped quarters. Measure your space and choose a desk to match.

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