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So you love Pulse Fashion, and you love The Beat (who can blame you honestly). I bet you want to know MORE about what goes on Behind the Beat. Let’s dive in!

Our daily schedule changes every day. We don’t ever have the exact same tasks to do each and every day. Today, we are going to chat about what it is like to be the media marketer + creative director for The Pulse + The Beat.


Meet our creative director + digital marketing strategist, Taylor. Every day is different for her (isn’t that the dream??)

What is your job at Pulse?Β 

I work as the creative director and digital marketer for Pulse. That means I am in charge of any and all creative endeavors. I take our pictures, model the clothes, create online graphics, handle our social media and often create email templates and campaigns. I name all our clothing and on occasion when we bring in outside models, I am in charge of photographing, editing and creating visually pleasing images. I also designed the blog website, keep the back end of that up and running and write all the blog posts.

How did you get started in this?

I own and operate my own blog on the side that I started while I was in college. I loved doing that and I am pretty much all self-taught. It is a ton of fun and I am grateful that Pulse took a chance on me!

What is your favorite task to do?

I love taking pictures. I really love putting together pretty flat lays and editing the pictures of the clothing and models that I take. That part is fun to me. I also love the website design and blogging aspect of it (obviously). And I love instagram so anything I have to do for that platform is a blast!

What does your day typically look like?

It really varies from day to day. Most days, I start off my morning by writing 3-4 blog posts so that we can always be ahead. That takes me an hour and a half to two hours. Then I usually design pinterest graphics to go with those blog posts and download those. That’s another hour typically. Then it’s usually lunch time. After lunch, I either film tutorials and edit them, leave the office to go take pictures, take flat lays, work on email templates or other miscellaneous activities. Not to long ago my afternoons here filled with pop-up shop preparation!

What is your suggestion for someone looking into getting into this field?

I would say not to be discouraged by a not-so-typical start to a career. I graduated college with a degree in biochemistry. These are skills that tons of creative people already have. Spend some time learning the types of things you’ll need (lightroom, adobe, wordpress, etc). Then jump into it!



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