4 Fool-Proof Ways To Stay Hydrated

It is SO easy to forget to drink the right amount of water everyday when you are busy building your empire and kicking butt at everyday life. You have lots of questions like what even is the right amount of water?! How often should you be drinking it?! Can you die from a water overdose? (ok maybe that last one is just me….)


Way #1: Drink it plain ol’ H2O.

Ok. I know that is super obvious. I totally get that. But it is the easiest way to stay hydrated and keep your body healthy. Fill that super cute water bottle and carry that thing around everywhere you go. You should be drinking 6 cups of H2O and an additional 2 cups of things with a high water count (that includes water heavy fruits or juices). I find that if I carry my water around, I drink it WAY more often then if I count on my body to say “I’m thirsty”.

Way #2: Coconut water.

Next to actual H2O, coconut water is not a bad alternative. If you are someone who needs a little bit of flavor to enjoy drinking water, this could be the perfect choice for you. Besides being generally delicious, it also has a ton of electrolytes to replace the ones you lose during exercise.

Way #3: Eat that WATER-melon.

My husband is a watermelon vacuum. He can eat an entire watermelon in one sitting. That being said — if you are like him, then this is going to be super easy! Watermelon contains 92% water. So if you’d rather munch on a snack that drink an entire bottle of water, reach for the melon! Totally hydrating and absolutely delicious.

Way #4: Sea Salt!

But waaaitttt….doesn’t salt DE-hydrate you?!? Ordinarily, too much salt does cause drying. However, a little bit of all natural sea salt actually helps your body absorb the water better into your system. If you know anything about chemistry, you know that you also need potassium and sodium to be able to use the H2O. It’s just science!


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