Spring Break Makeup Essentials

It is time for SPRING BREAK! Who’s excited?! Along with your favorite swimsuit and sunscreen, there are certain makeup products you can’t leave behind!

Product #1: Sunscreen for your face.


I don’t know about you, but sunscreen without a doubt makes me break out. All the oils just don’t mesh well with my face! That means I have to be super careful with what I am putting on my skin, and getting a bad sunburn isn’t an option. I use special face sunscreen formulated without oils, like this one to keep my face calm, cool and sun-burn free!

Product #2: Self-Tanner.


Having that “golden-glow” is what every girl aspires for! But sun is SO damaging to your skin that it is super important to remember to cover up. Get a sun kissed look without all the harmful UV rays with this self tanner:

Product #3: Aloe Vera


Anytime you spend time in the sun, there is risk of skin damage (sunburn or not). Make sure you pack a hydrating aloe vera gel to put on post-beach bumming to keep the nutrients in your skin all day long.

Product #4: BB Cream


Spending the day at the beach means you probably won’t need to wear a ton of foundation (that natural glow, and all)! But if you do struggle with some patchiness, like most of us, a sheer covering bb cream will be all you need! Grab one before you go:

Product #5: Waterproof mascara


You aren’t going to want to be messing with a ton of makeup on your vacation because you’ll be on the go and in the water, but should you want to sport a little something, waterproof mascara will be the way to go! This one here is our FAVORITE.

Product #6: Summer Jewelry


This isn’t TECHNICALLY makeup but it is totally beauty-related. Even if you are wearing a a plain and simple maxi dress on the beach, a statement necklace will really easily take your look to the next level.

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