5 Ways to Reduce Stress In The Morning

Why is it on busy days you always wake up feeling crazy stressed?! We like to combat that with 5 tried and true ways to destress and relax.

Way #1: Stop Rushing.


One surefire way to cause your morning to tumble into a series of unfortunate events is to be rushing to get out the door. Let yourself breath, and leave some time so you can go throughout your morning routine without raising your heart rate.

Way #2: Clean up before bed.


Waking up to a messy house is a disaster. Nobody feels good in a messy house to make a point to take 15 minutes every night before bed to straighten up your house so you can wake up and feel ready to go.

Way #3: Open your blinds.


This is a good one because natural light wakes up your body so much better than fluorescent light. Open the blinds or curtains and let that light shine into your house and prepare you for the day.

Way #4: Make the bed.


Many of you will roll your eyes at this and say: “but I’m just going to get in it again so what’s the point?”. The point is, your entire room will look and feel more put together if you pull up your sheets. It is easy to feel lazy in the morning when your bed looks like it can be crawled back into even for just 10 minutes.Β But if you make the bed, you are MUCH less likely to get into it again, which saves you time and keeps you awake.

Way #5: Eat breakfast.


Even if that means just a glass of orange juice. I know that most people aren’t “breakfast” people but it actually does kickstart your metabolism and start your day off on the right foot. Grab a little snack on your way out the door, even! You’ll see a difference in your productivity for the day!

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