Top Swimwear Trends of 2017

It isn’t any surprise that swimwear is a hot topic right now because it is so close to spring break. 

College students everywhere are gearing up to storm the beaches of florida in their cutest bikinis. We thought we’d give you the skinny on which swimsuits you should be on the lookout for this season while doing your shopping (you’re welcome).

Halter Tops

Halter tops have made a comeback this season as one of the go-to swim wear trends. The good thing about THIS trend is that you don’t have to worry about waves causing a scene.


We love this fun trend! Tassels are totally in so that means you are going to be seeing them everywhere. On the bottoms, tops and everywhere in between.

Monokinis (again)

These were in not that long ago and we felt kind of sub par about it (weird tan lines) but these styles are making us reconsider. They look sleek, chic and ready for the beach.

Straps, straps, straps

We love straps! These strappy styles are SO fun! We love how they add a bit of personality to an otherwise plain suit. Talk about turning heads!

Rash Guards

These make us think of surfing. The typically one piece styles will sport zippers, thicker material and may have some sort of sleeves. While maybe not ideal for getting a tan, they’re perfect for water sports!

Let us know in the comments below what YOUR favorite swim suit style is!!



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