Makeup mistakes you are definitely making

Sometimes you do your makeup the same way for so long that you don’t realize there are new ways you can be doing something to make yourself look even better! Stop making these 5 mistakes so you can up your makeup game!

Lining your waterline with black liner every day. — now this doesn’t mean you can’t throw on a sultry smokey eye and STILL ROCK IT, but as a general rule, dark liner on your waterline makes your eyes look much smaller than they actually are. Try a white or champagne colored liner instead to watch your eyes POP!


Not putting foundation on your lips. — If you like to wear lipstick, be sure to create a blank canvas to showcase a lipsticks TRUE COLOR on your lips by using foundation as a base. Now watch those colors shine!

Curling your lashes after you put on mascara (and not heating up the curling wand). — If you put on the mascara before you curl, you risk yanking out your delicate lashes! Also, heat up the curling wand before you use it to create intense curl (like a curling iron!)


Only lining the outer rim of your lips. — This is big no-no because if your lipstick rubs off, your liner most likely won’t and then you are left with a ring around your mouth. OOPS! Fill your entire lip in with lip pencil to avoid the line and get longer lasting lip color.

You powder your entire face. — Contrary to popular belief, the best way to power is on your oily t-zone! Powdering your entire face will make your foundation look cake and dry!


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Taylor Mobley

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