As a woman, one of the inevitabilities is wearing a bra. Most women need to wear one to help support their back and body. However, most women also feel as if they don’t actually have the support they need in the bra they have. Let’s fix those problems.


Problem #1: Back Band Rises

The back band of the bra is extremely important because it is the “anchor” of the bra. It holds the weight of your girls. If your band size is rising, it typically means you are wearing a bra band that is too big. If it is an older bra, it may have started out the right size but stretched over time. It is crucial to be properly fitted by a professional and to get a new bra every 4-6 months.

Problem #2: Cup Spillage

This will mean your cup size is much too small for you. If you have an over abundance of spillage in a non-pushup bra, you need to go up a cup size. Keep your band size as is, however, just because have a bigger cup doesn’t mean you need a bigger band.


Problem #3: Too Much Room in the Cup

This is the opposite problem. If you have too much room in your cup, you may need to go down a size. Another possible cause of puckering or extra room in the cup of the bra could be uneven bust sizes. That is very common, but more difficult to fix. Try tightening the strap on one side to match tightness. Try a plunge style bra can also help because their cups are less full coverage and can eliminate those problems.

Problem #4: Back Bulge

This is a tough one. You need all the support you can get but the dreaded back bulge that sometimes results? Less than exciting. Look for wide bands instead of skinny ones. These tend to be much for comfortable anyways!


Problem #5: Center isn’t Flat Against Your Chest

There are 3 possibilities for this. 1. your band size is too big, and that’s an easy fix. 2. your cup size is too big, also an easy fix. 3. your bust itself. That is less easy. You need to find the gore shape that works best for you. If your bust is naturally close together, find a small gore and do the opposite if your bust is naturally far apart.

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