QUIZ: What’s Your Style?

Sometimes it can be TOTALLY hard to pinpoint what your style is if you like multiple things. We get it. Figure out what your style is with this easy quiz!!

What’s Your Style?

Keep track of how many a, b or c’s you choose!

Question 1: How do you like to spend your Friday nights?

a. Out with my friends, DUH!

b. A quiet night in is more for me, honestly.

c. A little bit of both — at home with my friends!

Question 2: What is your FAVORITE food genre?

a. italian (I can’t get enough of carbs, tbh)

b. I am more of a low key asian take-out kind of girl!

c. Mexican cuisine is one of my favorite things.

Question 3: Your friends describe you as….

a. Loud + Outgoing – The life of the party!

b. Loyal + dependable

c. The “mom” of our group. ALWAYS prepared.

Question 4: What is your go-to shoe style?

a. The tallest stilettos I can find!

b. A pair of cute printed flats!

c. My sneakers are my besties.

Question 5: Do you carry a purse?

a. Always! How else would I bring my entire makeup collection with me?

b. Uhhhhh….sometimes?

c. LOL. What’s a purse?


If you answered MOSTLY a….

You are a bold and bright girlie girl! You LOVE loud clothing — whether that is a leopard print cardi or sky high heels. Your clothing tells a clear story of who you are. Life of the party and a total joy to be around. We recommend this outfit for YOU:

Summertime Envy Tunic Dress in Hot Pink / Lily Wedge Heels / I Dream of Genie Statement Necklace

If you answered MOSTLY b….

You are a little bit more subdued but still love a little style! You choose flats over heels, and a low maintenance look. Don’t worry, though, that doesn’t mean you don’t accessories like heck! You are bound to throw on a statement necklace or pretty bold lip to amp up your low-key outfit. We recommend this outfit for YOU:

Ivy Maxi Dress in Black / Mendes Sandals / Gold Cutout Monograph Necklace

If you answered MOSTLY c….

You are a tom boy at heart! You love athleisure clothing (HELLO, yoga pants all day every day) and comfortable sneakers are your favorite. You look great in loosely fitting clothes and anything cozy is right up your alley. We recommend this outfit for YOU:

On My Own Tunic / Distressed Denim Shorts / Bella Sneakers

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