5 Ways To Juggle Home + Work Life Like A Superwoman — Without Burning Yourself Out.

Your busy life shouldn’t be SO stressful that you feel overwhelmed and under appreciated. Use these helpful tips to keep yourself busy and ready for the day!!

TIP #1: Get a good night’s sleep.

Nobody is productive when they are sleep deprived keep yourself well rested, even if that means going to bed a little bit earlier. Your body will thank you, and you will be far more productive during the day when you are supposed to be getting things done anyways!


TIP #2: Learn to say “no”.

It is ok NOT to be superwoman. Take a self evaluation: are you double booking yourself? Overworking yourself? Taking on way too many responsibilities? We’ve all been there. If you find yourself at your breaking point, decide whether or not you are taking on to many things and then stop that.


TIP #3: Maximize your day.

Put your phone down and actually maximize the time you have in a day. Baby napping? Now is a good time to get a little bit of cleaning done, or read that book you’ve been trying to read for months. Kids at school? Get off your booty and start your hustle! We waste too much time playing on our phones!

TIP #4: Discover when YOU are at your most productive.

It is super important to discover when you are your MOST productive. Is it at night? Is it bright and early in the morning? Evaluate yourself and once you have determined your peak time, work your schedule around that!


TIP #5: Allow yourself a mental health day.

This is so important. It is OKAY to need a day off every now and again. We all do. Working all day long, whether that is at a 9-5 job or from home can be completely exhausting. Allow yourself to take a day to get back into your groove. Working yourself until you pass out is the opposite of a good idea.


Published by

Taylor Mobley


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