5 “Tailor” Issues You Can Do Yourself

Think you are a sewing novice? Test your abilities on the sewing machine with these 5 quick fixes you may have otherwise gone to a tailor for!Β 

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FIX #1: Sewing on a button

MOST people know how to do this, but you’d be surprised at how many actually have no idea how to sew on a button and take it in! Instead of spending your hard earn $$$ on something as easy as this, simply sew it on yourself.


FIX #2: Replacing a zipper

Zippers are fairly simple to replace. Just take out the other and broken zipper, and carefully sew in the new zipper right in it’s place. It doesn’t take very long and you should be done in time to head to your friday night date!

FIX #3: Hemming your pants (or skirt)

This is also a fairly simple fix. Mark when the hemline needs to fall using pins and then fold over and sew in the new hemline. You can choose to use a surger to get rid of extra fabric, too.


FIX #4: Repair holes in your jeans

If ripped jeans aren’t really your thing, you can easily repair them! Many fabric stores sell denim swatches, so bring in your favorite pair of newly-torn jeans and match them to the closest fabric. Patch carefully over the hole and your pants will be as good as new in no time!

FIX #5: Extend your pants

Ever slip on your favorite pair of pants only to realize they are about a size too small? Never ever experience that heartache again when you use pant extenders. They give you about an inch of extra room to play with so you can continue to wear those jeans until they truly fall apart. No sewing required!


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