30 Minute Workout To A Rockin’ Beach Body

Working out can be tough — especially if you are just starting out. That’s why working out at home can be a lot better than going to a gym. This quick 30 minute at home workout will quickly become your new go-to exercise routine as you get ready for swim suit season!


1 set = 12 reps (60 seconds per set with 15 second rest period between each set)

Ankle Hops: 3 sets

Sit Ups: 3 sets

Squat Kickback: 4 sets

Plank Jacks: 4 sets

Lunge Kicks: 4 sets

Flutter Kicks: 3 sets

Push Ups: 3 sets

As a beginner, you may want to only do 15 minutes of exercise to start so you don’t hurt yourself. It is ALWAYS important to remember to stretch before you start working out because you will run the risk of pulling a muscle if you don’t. Work out responsibly!

Ok — let’s get ourselves ready for the beach!!


Let us know in the comments below what your favorite exercise move is! Don’t forget to like and share this with your friends so everyone can get ready for swimsuit season together!

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