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Makeup is something that most women use every day. That means we should be aware of exactly what is going on our face. Good products with quality ingredients are hard to come by but Beauty Counter claims to do just that. We decided to take a look and see just how good these products are, and if they live up to their hype!

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If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, or trying them out for yourself, please visit:Β! Lauren will be more than happy to take care of you!!

Introduction to Beautycounter:

Beautycounter was founded four years ago by Gregg Renfrew, a female entrepreneur who recognized significant flaws within the beauty and personal care industry. She was particularly struck by the shocking fact that the last time the United States passed a federal law regulating the industry was in 1938, a whopping 79 years ago! Back then, only a handful of ingredients were banned from use in beauty and personal care products. As a result, today’s consumers are lead to believe that the products they buy with labels claiming things like “all natural,” “safe” or “organic” are just that, when the reality is that those products likely contain potentially harmful ingredients that simply weren’t banned back in 1938. Because the beauty and personal care industry is essentially self regulated, companies are legally permitted to serve their own interests rather than the interests of the American consumer. They do so by using the questionable ingredients and not always disclosing them, yet they can still make claims of “safe,” “natural” and “organic” because the products don’t violate the antiquated 1938 law.

Beautycounter’s mission is to put the truth back into the industry by not only promoting complete transparency with the consumer market and creating better, safer products, but also by lobbying for legislative change that moves the beauty industry as a whole to a better, modernized place.

The bottom line is that women should never have to sacrifice health in the name of beauty. The average American puts between 12 and 20 products on their skin everyday. They want to do their best from a health standpoint but because of the lack of regulation, most people don’t know whether what they’re putting on is safe or contains potentially harmful ingredients that have been linked to cancer, infertility, hormone disruptions and other human health issues. Beautycounter takes the guess work out of it by abiding by a “never list” it compiled with leading health, environmental and beauty industry experts, comprised of an exhaustive number of ingredients it will NEVER use in its products.

Beautycounter strives to produce the safest products on the market that also happen to perform as well as or better than the leading higher end department store brands. The goal is to not only look beautiful, but to know that by using these products, you are putting your health FIRST.

The switch to safe is easy when an entire brand of beautiful, heavily screened products is presented to you. Our skin is our largest organ. What we put on it matters. It matters a lot.

Meet Beautycounter, a rapidly growing beauty and skin care company with a social mission. Beautycounter not only offers safe, beautiful, high performing cosmetics and skin care products, but also fights everyday for stricter regulations on the beauty industry: shockingly, there has not been a major law passed regulating what goes into beauty products since 1938!!! Beautycounter goes above and beyond what’s required by the 1938 regulation and bans approximately 1,500 ingredients from use in its products – ingredients that have been linked to cancer, infertility and hormone disruptions. The best part is that not only are Beautycounter products safer than anything on the market, but they REALLY work as well or better than any leading department store brand. Women do not have to sacrifice health for beauty!

Why is now an ideal time to try out Beautycounter?: The company just released the results of its survey of customer favorites and for a limited time, if you purchase one of the customer voted favorites, you will get to choose from one of 3 equally amazing products to receive as a FREE gift! The customer favorites include: the charcoal bar, sunscreen, tint skin foundation, lip sheers, Facial Oils and cleansing balm. Order one of these, get one FREE gift, try two, get two FREE gifts…you get my drift! To order or get more information about Beautycounter and its products, go to You can also message Lauren Rubin Murov, who will help answer any questions you may have.

The first 3 customers to order via the link provided AND message Lauren Rubin Murov to mention Pulse, will also receive a FREE Beautycounter lip gloss of their choice!


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