MOM TALK: 5 Common Parenting Myths — DEBUNKED by science!

As moms, we’ve heard it all. A thousand people with a thousand opinions on how we should raise our babies. Many of these are common misconceptions, but it can be hard to sort it all out if you aren’t a doctor, amiright? We sat down to debunk the five most common parenting myths for you — with SCIENCE.

MYTH #1: You’ll spoil your baby if you pick them up every time they cry.

This is SO not true. Your baby NEEDS your warmth and attention – most of the time. Is it okay to let them self soothe and cry it out sometimes? Absolutely. But if the crying baby would be quieted by being help by mom, why let them scream and disrupt everyone? Your little ones are only your littles ones for a short amount of time. No amount of research has shown that the more you hold your baby, the more spoiled they get.


MYTH #2: Every child will go through the terrible twos.

Many parents have been totally terrified by this one. That the day their sweet baby turns  two, all hell will break loose. The actuality behind this myth is that most parents just don’t know how to navigate the waters of a codependent baby turning into a head-strong toddler. It isn’t so much that these little ones are terrible, but more so that they are coming to grips with their independence. They are walking and talking and discovering the world around them in a completely different way. Be patient with them, it’s scary being two feet tall in a world made for grown ups! Some children NEVER enter this phase, or enter it much later than other kids.

MYTH #3: Bribing your child is always a bad thing.

Another one that isn’t completely true. While it probably isn’t wise to bribe your child every single day for little things, there really isn’t any harm in doing it every once in a while if it makes your life a tiny bit easier. For example: if you expect your four year old to sit completely still during a wedding ceremony, it’s ok to promise an ice cream treat or action figure if that gets them to be quiet during someone’s special moment. Take it by a case-by-case basis and take a deep breath. You’re doing GREAT, mom.


MYTH #4: All women get a pregnancy glow and LOVE being pregnant.

HOORAY for the women that this DOES happen to! We truly are happy for you. Some women really do LOVE being pregnant and they do glow! Some of us, however, do NOT. If you hate being pregnant, or feel like you never got that “glow”, don’t panic. NOT EVERYONE DOES. And that is 100% okay. Each woman and each pregnancy is completely different. Don’t feel like less of a mom because you had the worst 9 months of your life and pushing that little human out of your body didn’t feel like ~ m a g i c ~. It isn’t that way for everyone.

MYTH #5: By 3 months, your baby should be sleeping through the night.

NO WAY, JOSE! That is NOT always the case. Some people get off SUPER lucky and their baby always sleeps through the night. Some babies don’t sleep through the night until 9 months, or 12 months. This common misconception is damaging to so many parents who have fussy babies. So if you’ve tried everything, and your baby STILL won’t sleep through the night, it may just be the personality of your little guy. They grow out of that, too. We promise.


Have any other common parenting myths debunked? Our team is ON IT! Leave it in the comments below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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