10 Hacks to Make Packing Stress Free

We have all had those family vacations that turn into more work than relaxing. Packing can be overwhelming. We did our research to find you the ten best packing hacks to make your traveling experience go more smoothly.

1. Roll up your clothing to save space in your suit case.

Rolled clothes

2. Use a hairband to keep chargers organized.


3. Wear your largest shoes to the airport to save room in your suitcase.


4. Use a binder clip over your razor.


5. Store bobby pins in a tic tac container.


6. Put your perfume bottle in a sock to keep it safe.


7. Use pill containers to store rings and earrings. This is great because you can easily plan out your jewelry for each day!


8. Use an oven mitt as a heat resistant cover for your curling iron or flat iron.


9. Pack a first aid kit with things like tylenol, feminine products, bandaids, wipes, and stain remover. It will come in handy!


10. Keep your travel documents in a zipper bag, so that they are weather proof.


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