5 EASY and HEALTHY Back to School Lunches

When you think of healthy meals, you probably think of slaving over the kitchen oven for hours and intense meal planning. You actually don’t have to sacrifice convenience for healthy meals! We put together 5 quick and nutritional meals for you! It only took us 45 minutes to put all five of these meals together. Make it a fun experience with your child and prep the meals together in a assembly line fashion! Teaching your child to meal plan while they are young is really beneficial for them and YOU. No one wants to still be packing their 25 year old son’s lunch. 😉 LOL

#1 Two hard boiled eggs, celery with peanut butter, and strawberries #1 Meal.jpg

Notice, we didn’t use expensive or complicated tupperware. We were able to get all the food in one simple little tupperware container!

#2 Turkey rollups- turkey, lettuce,tomato,dijon mustard rolled into a tortilla, cottage cheese, and cherry tomatoes

Meal #2

Make extra and pack the lunches for yourself too! Little ones want to feel like an adult. If you’re eating a certain food, they’ll want to too!

#3 Nuts, rice cakes with almond butter, and applesMeal EDItTTT.jpg

We mixed in a couple vegetarian options to change things up. Variety is important! Kiddos get bored easy!

#4 Chicken quesadilla- chicken with cheddar cheese and chips and salsa

Meal #4

To make it easy, we used frozen grilled chicken and warmed it up. Yes, cooking your own chicken is more healthy, but we would rather you cook a convenient healthy meal than packing a pizza Lunchable.

#5 Whole wheat pita bread with hummus, carrots, and grapes

Meal #5

Try to incorporate veggies into the meals! The earlier your child is introduced to vegetables and the more you incorporate them, the more likely they are to crave them!

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One last tip for you is to make sure your child doesn’t throw away any of his or her food. This way you can see what they are liking and not liking, to adjust for future meals!

These lunches are very inexpensive! We spent approximately $35 at Aldis on the ingredients for these meals. You could get at least 20 meals out of the ingredients we bought. Pack lunches for the whole family!

Let us know if you are going to try out these quick and easy meals! Also, if you have any recommendations for blogs, tell us in the comments! 🙂

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