What Your Fabric Label Really Means

Buying online can be tricky because you can’t feel and touch the fabric to know what it is like. You also can’t check out the washing instructions for each item. However, most items do list the fabric label, but man can that label be confusing! What do all these different fabrics even mean?!

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We want to show you some of our amazing pieces that are made up of the commonly used fabrics and fibers above.

Ari Vest 

IMG_0362 (1).JPG

This camo vest is 100% Cotton. We love the edgy style of it!

Kai Cardigan

IMG_0391 (1).JPG

Our Kai Cardigan is 100% Polyester. It puts a classy touch to any outfit.

Daisy Mae


This adorable cardigan is a Cotton/Poly Blend. It is so cozy and amazing quality!

Pasha Top


This cute cutout top is 95% bamboo and 5% spandex. It’s a super comfy fit and obviously adorable!!

Fall Nights Button Down


Believe it or not this must have plaid is 100% rayon. This piece is so cute for fall and incredibly soft!

Cecily Poncho


Last, but not least! Here is a 100% acrylic piece. This poncho is a best seller of ours! You can wear it several different ways. Very versatile!

We hope next time you are trying to decipher that fabric label, you aren’t as confused!

Fabrics and fibers are a seamstresses tools to make the stylish pieces we wear everyday. Embrace learning about the different materials used in clothes; it can actually be really interesting! Let us know in the comments below if this helped! 🙂

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