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Finding Your Undertone: Discovering Which Shades Will Make You Pop

Finding the most flattering color should be easy, right? Then how come so many women struggle with it? We set out to answer that question and get you wearing the colors that flatter you the MOST! Too often, we as women go with the trends and don’t give a second thought as to whether or not what we have chosen works with our skin tone. That needs to CHANGE! Take your wardrobe (both clothing + cosmetic) into your own hands and discover what works and what doesn’t, especially as we are turning from Spring into Summer. You can get away with a little more in the winter being inside most of the time, but the sun isn’t very forgiving on those undertones. With more outdoor activities comes more responsibility when it comes to what to wear! Continue reading “Finding Your Undertone: Discovering Which Shades Will Make You Pop”

MOM TALK: 5 Common Parenting Myths — DEBUNKED by science!

As moms, we’ve heard it all. A thousand people with a thousand opinions on how we should raise our babies. Many of these are common misconceptions, but it can be hard to sort it all out if you aren’t a doctor, amiright? We sat down to debunk the five most common parenting myths for you — with SCIENCE. Continue reading “MOM TALK: 5 Common Parenting Myths — DEBUNKED by science!”

Why You Can (and SHOULD!) Rock Cold Shoulder Tops At Every Age!!

Cold shoulder tops are REALLY in right now. Everywhere you look, this trend is taking over the fashion industry by storm. A huge misconception is that only teenagers and women in their early 20s can rock this trend. Read on to see how you can pull off this awesome look at ANY age!


This is easy — this trend was MADE for you!! The cold-shoulder tops look fab with torn jeans, gorgeous booties and messy beach waves.


Here are some tips to wearing this look in this age range:

  1. Choose bright colors and eye catching patterns
  2. Go completely off the shoulder if you are daring
  3. Try to mix interesting bralettes with your shoulder cut outs to add a touch of excitement.
  4. Add ruffles to your look to spice it up

Try these tops to get your collection started:

Super Nova Girl One Shoulder Ruffle Top |Delphine Cold Shoulder Halter Top |Sailing The Sea Cold Shoulder Top


Some of you may be thinking — no way, I could never look good in a top like this!! But stop right there: OF COURSE YOU CAN!! This look knows NO age bounds.



Here are some tips to wearing cold shoulder tops in this age range:

  1. Opt for smaller cutouts if you are initially not so sure about it.
  2. Go for automatically flattering colors — meaning navy, black and grey — to start, and then move into bright colors when you feel comfortable.
  3. Add ruffles to your look to spice it up
  4. Add a brightly colored or sparkly statement necklace to draw attention

Try these tops (featured above) to get your collection started:

 Charcoal Dreams Top|Beatrix One Shoulder |Hold On Tight Sweater| On My Own Tunic|Nova Cold Shoulder Top

You do NOT have to fall into a certain age range to be able to look incredible in this trend. Shoulders NEVER go out of style and they ALWAYS look amazing.


Let us know if YOU rock this trend in the comments below!!

Three Gorgeous Spring Outfits YOU NEED In Your Closet!

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Beauty Counter Review

Makeup is something that most women use every day. That means we should be aware of exactly what is going on our face. Good products with quality ingredients are hard to come by but Beauty Counter claims to do just that. We decided to take a look and see just how good these products are, and if they live up to their hype!

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7 Reasons Almond Milk Should Be At The Top of Your Grocery List + FIVE free smoothie recipes

Summer is almost here, and whether you’re trying to shed a few pounds to fit into your favorite swim suit, or kick starting a training regiment, incorporate Almond Milk into your daily routine to help you get back into shape! Almond milk is an amazing super food so read on to get the inside scoop and be healthy for this summer’s adventures! (+ 5 smoothie recipes that use this super drink!)

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Three Outfits To Take You Into Summer!

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30 Minute Workout To A Rockin’ Beach Body

Working out can be tough — especially if you are just starting out. That’s why working out at home can be a lot better than going to a gym. This quick 30 minute at home workout will quickly become your new go-to exercise routine as you get ready for swim suit season! Continue reading “30 Minute Workout To A Rockin’ Beach Body”

5 “Tailor” Issues You Can Do Yourself

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