What nail shape fits you best?

Getting your nails done is more popular than ever right now. Many celebrities like Kylie Jenner are sporting long coffin and stiletto shaped nails. Us ladies are being inspired  to try out different shapes and colors. If you’re anything like me, when I get to the nail salon I have no idea what color or shape to get.  I’m usually quickly browsing through Pinterest pictures trying to find something I like. They are usually ready for me before I can decide. I end up feeling pressured to pick something quick and then I end up wishing I would have chosen something else. Here is a guide to help you pick the perfect nail shape that will flatter your hands and work with your personal style!

Untitled design (3).png

Yes, getting your nails done can be expensive, but for us women, getting a mani and pedi is therapeutic and relaxing! It’s a way to express your personal style and feel a little more put together. It’s okay to treat yourself! Next time don’t feel bad splurging on your nails. But, if you’re someone who prefers to do their nails at home, try a mani kit subscription box! We did our research to find the three best ones! Julep Maven, Square Hue, and Color Me Monthly.

Now you are all ready to get your nails on fleek! Let us know which shape you’re going to try.

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Feel Good! How to Take the Perfect Selfie

We know how important it is to feel your best. Being able to take that perfect selfie and show off your true beauty is important to a girl. It can be hard to be photogenic! We wanted to share our selfie tips so you can capture your beauty in a photo because after all a picture is worth a thousand words!

                                 Bad Selfie Lighting!                          Good Selfie Lighting! 

You want your selfie to show off the twinkle in your eyes and the glow of your skin! You can’t do this without good lighting! Photo lighting is better when the sun is shining towards you, not behind you! Where is some of the best selfie lighting? Your car! Don’t selfie and drive though! You can even put your air conditioning on high to give you a fanned model hair effect. Try it! We promise you will feel like Beyoncè.


Another selfie tip is put one of your hands by your face. It gives the picture a personal touch. Try tilting your head a little and put the camera up a bit for a better angle! A higher angle will slim your face. Don’t forget, you can’t be a pro selfie taker without mastering the duck face! Totally kidding. 😉


If you’re taking a selfie in your room, find a window. Natural lighting is best!

Here’s a secret! We all have those days where we don’t feel our prettiest. If you’re not feeling camera ready, use the Snapchat rosy cheek filter with the Snapchat black and white filter over top. Camera ready with no makeup needed!

The rosy cheek filter slims your face and makes your eyes sparkle. This selfie was taken with horrible office lighting, but you can’t even tell! Pictures always look great in black and white. It hides any flaws if you aren’t feeling on your selfie game! 

Did you know? They even came out with a phone case with lights all around it to help you get the perfect selfie.

FullSizeRender (3)

Get this phone case at http://amzn.to/2rB2tn6.

There are free phone apps that are great for enhancing your selfie! Not everyone has time to do a full face of makeup or to find great lighting.

Airbrush and Facetune are great for quick edits! Some features they have are blemish correcting, eye brightening, and teeth whitening. Don’t even bother brushing your teeth anymore! LOL 😉 

Now go put these tips to use! We would love to see your beautiful selfies! Tag us on Instagram “@pulsefashn” and #FeelGoodSelfie for a chance to win a $50 gift card and be featured on our Instagram story!

Our mission at Pulse is to create a community that inspires customers and employees to be a part of our journey, providing valuable content and a unique shopping experience. We encourage you to follow our social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

And of course check out our new arrivals at pulsefashion.com.

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