These 5 Apps Will Save You $$$

Saving money is kind of like an art form. In a world where it is incredibly easy to accidentally spent your entire bank account, these money saving apps are coming to the rescue. Continue reading “These 5 Apps Will Save You $$$”

Make It A Movie Night With These 12 Classics

Our favorite movies are SO important and say a lot about who we are as a person. The Pulse office dwellers pooled all our FAVORITE movies together to bring you the best list for your next movie night at home.

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Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed with, well, LIFE? I totally get it. Here are my top 5 apps to keeping you organized and on the road to success. Continue reading “5 APPS TO KEEP YOU ORGANIZED”


We don’t know about you, but we love to read. Below are our TOP FIVE best books of the last several years. We are very picky, so you are sure to like at LEAST one. Go ahead and read on.  Continue reading “TOP 5 BOOKS ON OUR READING LIST”

Binge-worthy Netflix Shows

We know you are itching to know which shows are going to be your next favorites (aka your next BINGE). Read our Top 20 Bingeworthy netflix shows we are LOVING around the office! Continue reading “Binge-worthy Netflix Shows”

Get Work Done: Playlist

We all need a really good playlist to get us in the mood to get stuff done.

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Behind The Beat: Social Media

So you love Pulse Fashion, and you love The Beat (who can blame you honestly). I bet you want to know MORE about what goes on Behind the Beat. Let’s dive in! Continue reading “Behind The Beat: Social Media”

Creating An Awesome Desk Space

Part of being an awesome girl boss is having an awesome space to do it in.
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